Parks and Recreation

We talk a lot about parks and recreation. We have developed a Master Park Plan with citizen input to determine our current and future needs. During this process, it became apparent that some people feel we have enough parks and others disagree. The creation of the Master Park Plan balanced these concerns and set a course to determine where we need more parks and what those parks should include. I recognize that we need more parks for baseball, soccer, and football fields. I believe that youth sports provide a tremendous opportunity for our city’s youth to learn valuable life lessons and develop healthy habits. I also, however, recognize that we need places for our citizens to go to relax, meditate, and enjoy the outdoors without the commotion often associated with sports fields. I will work to listen to citizen input on these issues and create parks and recreation opportunities that address these diverse interests. To this end, and in accordance with our plan, the City has purchased property for new parks and will continue to purchase more property, as is prudent, to keep up with future needs. Yet it needs to be a combined effort from the city and the citizens to help fund the build of these parks.


Lehi has sufficient and secure access to culinary water to satisfy our needs. During the past couple of years, Lehi has implemented measures to ensure that citizens have an adequate supply of irrigation water. Lehi has often been the first city to implement such measures—though surrounding communities always follow. The City has drilled more wells and built additional holding ponds to provide us with additional irrigation water. One of these holding ponds is designed to catch water that overspills from other holding ponds. This year water has not been a concern, but planning for future droughts and increased growth is a top priority that needs to be addressed on a regular basis.


The City continues to grow—both in the number of residents and businesses. With growth, comes related concerns: traffic, emergency services, infrastructure needs, etc. Lehi is an attractive place to live and work—so future growth is inevitable. The City continues to study the most effective ways to manage growth and continue to provide top-notch emergency service, parks and recreation, and other services. With this information, and your input, I believe future growth can be efficiently managed and ultimately enrich our great community.